How Easter jacks with my thinking

Today, I was thinking about our celebration of Easter, more specifically I was thinking what if Jesus died and rose again every year? (First of all I don’t think I could live through it every year, I mean that I have only seen the passion of the Christ once (by choice and design)) As I thought more about it, I began to realize that the one time event on the cross realizing that a yearly sacrifice might have actually been what the Jews were looking for. The culture that they lived in, there was so much based on personal goodness because of personal actions that a once a year atonement was a lot better than the per sin atonement previously in place in the Old Testament and into the New pre-cross.
As people we look for a way to solve our problems, a way to correct ourselves in order to become more righteous. It makes sense to us that if we mess something up, we should fix it. I know from my own life that when I mess up or sin, I want to fix it, I NEED to fix it. I think I would prefer if there was a yearly festival or something that at that point in time my sins are forgiven so that in the upcoming year, I could try to sin less and try to perform better at life. That way I would be able to say, “I got a little more righteous this year, I had 7 sins less than last year” I could be proud of my improvement and show everyone I am gonna be fully righteous and not sin at all by the time I die (which is impossible because I do’t think I can go 5 minutes without sinning… (I just tried I failed, a guy with a kilt just walked in and I judged him pretty hard) we sin without trying, that just how we are). The reality is, that the death and resurrection (Mark 14-16) were a one time event. At which point every sin I have committed and will commit has been forgiven.
WAIT! WHAT? Jesus came to earth knowing every sin I would do knowing each one was going to add a little bit of pain to him, and he still decided to take it on. That is why it’s a good thing I am not Jesus,I would say “Oh, you are going to do 10,000 times and then you’re going to THAT 4,000 times (I sin a lot, I don’t keep a tally, but I’m sure my numbers are higher haha), if you keep doing that, I’m out!”
What I am reminded is that the whole reason Jesus came, was so we never had to wonder if we were in right standing with God, that He knew that when he died and 3 days later rise that it would be possible for us to be righteous. Not on our own acts or failed attempts to not sin/be righteous but because of God’s gift to humanity, God would only see us through the lens of his son after we accept our fallen state and the only way to unfall is have Jesus save us. His gift was one and done because Jesus had to conquer and vanquish sin and death. So that it wouldn’t have a fighting chance, that once your in the family nothing can get you. Too much grace, if you ask me, but then again that is why that I am not God.
I am truly blown away that God gave his son so that I could be forgiven and be a part of his family because Jesus died for me, simply because he loves me. That’s why Easter jacks with my thinking, there’s nothing I can do to become “better” or “less of a sinner” because in God’s eyes, I am already there.

Thanks God for not doing things how I would!


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